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Group Travel Academy & Groupdesk

"A Marriage Made in Travel"


  • You’re running your group travel business and things are going well but you’re struggling to stay on top of things.
  • You're starting your group travel business and you know you will need an easy way to book clients, accept payments, and keep everything organized. 
  • You're sick and tired of chasing customers down for traveler agreements and payments or creating individual receipts.
  • You hate meeting up with people to accept their cash payments and CASH APP isn't a viable business option.
  • You spend hours on the phone with customers handling little things with their bookings that they could handle online themselves if they had the access and ability. (eg. entering passenger DOBs, passport information, new bookings, cancelations, etc.)
  • Keeping client info on spreadsheets just isn't cutting it anymore. Especially, if you have to type it yourself from paper forms to re-organize it for a purpose you can use (t-shirt orders, roommate matching, passenger and rooming lists.)

If you can check the box on any of these...

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Group Travel Academy's
Groupdesk Bonus Experience

Investment-Free Pricing
(A $500+ Value Annually)

You'll have full access to the Groupdesk platform when you enroll taking advantage of our $97 fully-refundable one-time enrollment fee. Just email us before 12/31/2020 letting us know that you've processed your first transaction using Groupdesk and we will return your $97! Plus, due to our partnership with Groupdesk, when you return your agreement before the cut-off date, Groupdesk will waive its $2500 set-up fee for all Group Travel Academy single-user accounts. And there is no monthly fee or long-term contract to commit to. Groupdesk will simply invoice you 1% for any payments you collect and process which is perfect for times like now. For example, if you collect $3,000 from your clients in a particular month, Groupdesk will invoice you for just $30. How sweet is that!

LIVE Set-up and Implementation Training
(A $2,500 Value)  

As entrepreneurs, we often sign up for DIY software solutions to help us in our businesses. But then we realize that learning how to set it up and use it is like rocket science. That's not the case here! When you sign-up for your Groupdesk account through the Group Travel Academy, you will participate in a LIVE training class that will be held for two hours over the course of four days to get your account fully set up. You'll learn the ins-and-outs of using the software while being able to ask questions and get help LIVE. That's in addition to the 24/7 technical support available with Groupdesk. Each LIVE session has limited space and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

"Getting Back to Travel"
Pandemic Recovery Workshop
(A $297+ Value)

Everyone wants to travel again. The question is when and how. Some people are ready and willing to travel now and some will not be ready until a year from now. Some will want to fly to a destination and some will feel more comfortable taking a road trip. Others will just want to sit back and daydream of exotic destinations for a while. And all of this is okay! When you return your agreement before the due date, you'll get instant access to Tamika C. Carter's pre-recorded "Getting Back to Travel" workshop - a video training mini-series designed to help you meet your clients where they are now, mentally, when it comes to booking post-pandemic travel so that you will be ready to serve them however and whenever THEY feel ready to travel.

"Get Un-Stuck" Business Strategy Session
(A $197 Value)

Have you been feeling a little uncertain about your business these days? If so, you're invited to participate in a 30-minute one-on-one business strategy session with Tamika C. Carter. During this session, Tamika will help you get clear on how to move forward in your business goals despite being in the middle of a pandemic.

Group Travel Automation Guide
(A $97 Value )

Since you're in the process of automating to make your life easier, you might as well go all the way! You'll get access to Group Travel Academy's guide of 10 Things Your Group Travel Business Should Automate! These are great projects to get started on once your Groupdesk account is ready to go!

No matter where you are currently in your group travel business, whether you are just starting out, or you've been successfully running your business for years, you want to make sure that your business is set up to run efficiently so that you will spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON your business - scaling it for growth!

Now is the perfect time to work ON Your Business!

Hi! I'm Tamika C. Carter, founder and executive director of the Group Travel Academy. 

Before I started teaching people how to build and operate successful group travel businesses, I built a successful group travel business of my own! But it wasn't easy. In fact, at times it was quite overwhelming. There were so many day-to-day administrative tasks to take care of that I often spent more time working IN my business than I spent working ON my business. Even though my group travel business was successful, I can only imagine how much it would have grown if I would have had access to a system like Groupdesk.

While you have this break from working IN your business, use this time to work ON your business by integrating the Groupdesk software into your group travel business!

Plus, take advantage of our Group Travel Academy Groupdesk Bonus Experience to help you with your transition. With only a $97 fully-refundable enrollment fee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

What Are Other Group Travel Planners Saying About Groupdesk?

"We have a team of 30 that is traveling all the time. Groupdesk let’s me know the pulse of my team and how sales are going before they happen."

"Groupdesk allows us to sell 1,800 travelers in under one hour for our event. Travelers and organizers do most of the work themselves in their user accounts which keeps admin simple for us."

"We have a small team that needs to be involved in everything from sales to admin to executing trips. Without Groupdesk we would need twice as many staff on the team to do the same job."

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